Thinking, Talking, Exploring Cities

Engaging Curious Minds

URA-GoingPlaces-PhotoCredits_RobinThang-28 copyFounded in 2015, Young Urbanists is a Singapore based non-for-profit organisation.

Young Urbanists collaborates with educational institutions, galleries and local government to develop compelling educational content, enabling young people to make sense of the cities around them.

Young Urbanists supports young people to:

  • explore the history, design and function of their cities;
  • think critically about cities and city development;
  • understand the role cities play in contemporary issues such as globalisation,
    urbanisation and climate change, adopting ‘joined up thinking’ to find solutions to these challenges;
  • become creatively empowered though involvement in the design process; and
  • engage in civic life.

The Young Urbanists Handbook is designed as a companion to this work, providing meaningful material to extend the conversation about cities and urbanism.

Young Urbanists

Our Vision, Our Values

Students in discussion at Maxwell_600pxYoung Urbanists seeks to prepare young people for a future we cannot grasp.

Young Urbanists responds positively to the challenges of our time, advocating sustainable solutions for cities to issues of rapid urbanisation, globalisation and climate change.

Young Urbanists promotes creativity, enterprise, civil society and active, multi-generational communities.

Young Urbanists champions social inclusion and increasing community connections.

Meet Katherine

Urbanist, Architect, Newshound

IMG_5912Katherine Murray is the Founder of Young Urbanists.

Katherine is passionate about achieving better outcomes for cities and driving community engagement and policy development to reach these goals.

Having undertaken her professional education and training in Melbourne, Katherine has spent the past 20+ years living, working and studying in a range of global cities, including significant periods in Oxford, London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore.

Katherine is a registered architect, holding a BArch from RMIT and an MSc in Development Practice from Oxford Brookes University. In June 2017, she completed the ‘London and Global Cities’ executive program at the London School of Economics.

Through Young Urbanists, her work with the Singapore City Gallery, and with local and international schools, Katherine is advancing urban education and public participation – promoting the planning and design of liveable cities, and how these cities can sustainably support creativity, enterprise, civil society and active, multi-generational communities.